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Favorite Anya Jenkins Quotes (requested by anonymous)

We needed some Anya appreciation up in here. That bottom right speech was a good speech.

Just one, I’m a few.


We all are going to be together in the dark .


We all are going to be together in the dark .



a thousand percent worth the scroll down

are you fucking kidding me


catelyn stark meme: one colour [1/1]
     ↳ green

the walking dead meme: deaths [1/8] - Andrea Harrison


“Andrea was a human-rights lawyer prior to the apocalypse. She has killed a lot of zombies. She has never, ever killed a human being. And it’s one thing to kill someone in self-defense; it’s another to kill them while they’re sleeping. And then there’s Dale, who was a huge influence in Andrea’s life. He’s like her guardian angel, and I think that every step Andrea takes, she’s always thinking about honoring Dale, whose thing was “You just don’t kill people.” As a former lawyer, you’re going to see her try for reason and peace and no bloodshed.”- Laurie Holden


Too fucking funny to not reblog….. <3